Getting to know you

Get to know your characters before you write. Sit down and chat with them. Let them tell you about their loves, what their hates, about what they find fascinating or boring. Let them ramble on about their background, their upbringing, their religious and political beliefs and attitudes. Find out their reasons for living and theirContinue reading “Getting to know you”

Four questions for great ideas

When brainstorming ideas for stories: First, ask ‘What if… ?’ Then ask ‘How does this end?’ Next, ask ‘Who are the characters?’ Finally, ask ‘Why do I care?’ This way, you can quickly and easily sift through hundreds of ideas to find the ones that matter.

Buried Dreams

The rule of this exercise is to write quickly, spontaneously.Write a list of: 5 fun skills you would like to have 5 things you used to enjoy doing 5 jobs you would like to try 5 problems in the world you would like to solve 5 interesting people you would like to meet 5 sillyContinue reading “Buried Dreams”

The Puppet Master

You are a puppet master, helping us make sense of this crazy world. You hint at the fundamental unease of existence and human imperfection and give meaning to climatic events. Your challenge is to show this crazy existence through the eyes of new characters and situations that the reader finds believable.


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Start the week on an idea.

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