The Ideas Box

The Ideas Box Instructions Find a box. Fill it with clips of text and photographs clipped from magazines and newspapers. Give your box a shake. Pull out two or more pieces. Lay the pieces out on the table and work out the connections. ​6. Start writing.

Stepping back in time

​Your memories contain the sights, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells of your original experience. To step back in time, focus on just one sense. Which sense to begin with? Ask yourself ‘What do I remember first?’ Is it an image, sound, smell or texture? Describe this first moment in detail to begin your journey intoContinue reading “Stepping back in time”

When all else fails ….pretend

​The word ‘pretend’ has a bad press. We worry about doctors who aren’t doctors, builders who can’t build, teachers who aren’t qualified to teach. But the word ‘pretend’ comes from the Latin “praetendo” meaning to stretch forth, reach out, extend. Pretending allows us to believe we can do something new and different. Pretending allows usContinue reading “When all else fails ….pretend”


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