This coming Tuesday 28 June, at 7pm (GMT), we have a change of venue. Caroline Studdert, who has been an Original Writer for over ten years, is one of three writers presenting their works at Clapham Library. This event is going to be streamed on the Clapham Library Facebook page, so we have decided to advertise this event instead of our normal Tuesday evening workshop.

Caroline shares the stage with award-winning novelist Marion Molteno and biographer Helen Marquard. Whether it’s travel writing, musical inspiration, or ground-breaking journalism; through written diaries, first-hand accounts and just great prose, they will take us to the Indian sub-continent, Nazi Germany, The Netherlands and the Finnish-Russian war.

Caroline Studdert tells the story of the pioneering Dutch woman journalist Nel Slis, one of the foremost women journalists of her time.

In the meantime, looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting at our usual time on Tuesday 5th July.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 5 July 2022

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The Original Writers on Zoom

​​Please come along to our online meetings. Even if you are just starting out and are just interested in writing, but have nothing to read, come along and experience the evening. As sometimes the best motivation to write is to hear how others got there before you.

​We have many members: poets, novelists, playwrights, scriptwriters, historians, philosophers. It is a rich mix and makes a lively evening. Bring your work, whether these are short stories, poems, essays or just ideas and join us for an evening of chatting, sharing, planning, commiserating, pontificating – and all things about writing. This is the perfect place to workshop your writing.

​Occasionally writers ask if they can read from their published work. This doesn’t work for us as part of the enjoyment for listeners is in giving feedback. A published book is like a word carved in stone. There is nothing we can say and that is most disappointing. So we stick to work in progress, whether that is a first or tenth draft. That’s when the group works best – both for the writer and the listener.

The Original Writers pre-lockdown, Christmas 2019