The Scribbler Newsletter – 3rd October

In this week’s newsletter: Mudlarking in Southwark; Dave Eggers takes a stand for small bookstores; Raymond Teller takes us back in time and into the future; and what I didn’t read this month
Dear Original Writer,

It has been a good month. Last Friday we had our physical ‘meetup’ in London when a bunch of us went to Southwark Museum to see the Mudlarking Exhibition. Afterwards, some of us went for walks, some wrote and some (well, actually just me) did urban sketching. Then we had lunch at The George Inn. That felt good to get outside and meet up away from Zoom.

Here are four things you might enjoy:

1. Publishing News: Dave Eggers makes a stand against Amazon for the small bookstore 
Dave Eggers is risking the American sales of his new novel, The Every, by limiting access to the hardback copies. Only small bookstores will stock it. It is a brave move

Laura Scott Schaefer, owner of Scattered Books in Chappaqua, New York said “It’s been hard to compete with the bigger retailers. Any small advantage we can get in any kind of space is great.”

Would you limit the sale of your book to help local retailers? Tough call.

2. Raymond Teller recounts a spooky true story 
One of my favourite magicians is Raymond Teller, the wordless magician of the magical duo ‘Penn and Teller’. If you want to learn some magic, then watch the demonstration they give on MasterClass.

But that is not what I want to tell you. Have you read the true story of a man who travelled into the future to visit the British Museum on June 3rd 1997. Best that I say no more. Read it here.

3. What I am Reading? Absolutely nothing.
I walk a lot nowadays and so find listening to an Audible Book a great way to read and get some exercise. My best ‘listen’ for this month, just for pure irreverence and flippancy, has been David Mitchell’s Backstory.
5. And just because…
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Stay well and keep writing!

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