Gal’s Friday Writing

Every Friday morning Gal runs a communal writing session and at the start, she sends all the writers a prompt. This week’s prompt came from the newsletter Lithub and is about Brenda Ueland’s book ‘If you Want to Write,’ published in 1938.

‘What I like is how Brenda encouraged her students to write badly as a way to free themselves from the “inner editor”, the fear of failure. And so that’s my prompt today: write a short story about anything at all, or a short description of anything at all (the view outside your window, the kitchen table, whatever you can see). But write it as badly as you possibly can. Make ALL the grammar mistakes. Tell rather than show. Write something you don’t know. Use only adverbs. Break. All. The. Rules. See for yourself what’s the worst you can do.’

Here’s a link to the book review:

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